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Welcome to the Department of Public Works (DPW) website. This website is intended to provide a general overview of DPW and more importantly provide information that you might find useful as a resident, business owner or visitor to Baltimore City. DPW prides itself on providing quality services and strives to be responsive to your needs. Please take the time to explore our entire website and check back often as new information is constantly added.


We support the health, environment, and economy of our City and the region by providing customers with safe drinking water and keeping neighborhoods and waterways clean.


To be a strong proponent and protector of our environment and the health and vitality of our communities.

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Division Directory

Administration (410) 396-3310

Bureau of Solid Waste (410) 396-5134

The Bureau of Solid Waste maintains the City’s cleanliness through its multifaceted waste collections, cleaning and disposal programs. The Bureau is divided into four divisions each with different areas of responsibility in waste management and disposal. The Bureau collects and disposes of residential trash and recycling, has a City-wide mechanical street sweeping program, cleans and boards vacant properties, runs the Rat Rubout Program, and offers specialized recycling collections of scrap metal, electronics, Styrofoam and household hazardous waste.

Bureau of Water and Wastewater (410) 396-3500

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The Water and Wastewater Bureau focuses on producing and transporting clean drinking water and collecting and treating wastewater plus the associated maintenance functions; additionally, it manages the metering and billing of approximately 412,000 retail accounts in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, as well as wholesale accounts for Carroll, Anne Arundel, Harford, and Howard Counties.

Office of Asset Management (410) 396-0009

The Office of Asset Management is responsible for optimizing the service life of sewer and water linear infrastructure through the development and implementation of proactive inspection and preventative maintenance programs.  The Office implements a strategic approach to managing these assets at a sustainable cost and an acceptable level of risk. The Office aims to transition the Department of Public Works from a reactive mode of asset maintenance to a proactive mode, utilizing risk-based planning and other asset management principles to make sound decisions on managing its assets.

Office of Compliance and Laboratories (410) 396-0732

This Office of Compliance and Laboratories is committed to enhancing environmental regulatory compliance for the Department through collaboration, management program improvements, and regulatory enforcement.  Many of the functions of this office had previously existed within the Department, but were consolidated  in a separate office in 2014 to emphasize accountability.  The 100-position staff of this Office primarily consists of engineers and scientists.  The Office includes four (4) laboratories located at each of the water and wastewater treatment facilities, in addition to a Watershed Planning and Partnerships Section, an Environmental Affairs Section, a Water Quality Monitoring and IDDE Section, and a Plans Review and Inspection Section.  The Plans Review and Inspection Section is responsible for all DPW review of both public and private construction projects as a part of the permitting process.

Office of Engineering and Construction (410) 396-3437

The Office of Engineering and Construction (OEC) is responsible for planning and directing the design, construction, contract administration, and inspection of utility infrastructure, dams, bridges, and water and wastewater treatment facilities. The OEC also reviews and inspects construction to assure adherence to codes, costs, progress and quality as programmed in the DPW capital improvement plan. OEC is responsible for engineering design for contracts to construct and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, and the collection and conveyance system. and provides a wide array of on call construction services that serve the urgent needs of the DPW Bureau of Water and Wastewater Utility Maintenance Division.

Office of Fiscal Management (410) 396-5182

The Office of Fiscal Management is responsible for the preparation and monitoring of DPW’s operating and capital budgets, rates and financial forecasting, capital project financing, procurement and inter-jurisdictional cost sharing agreements.

Office of Legal and Regulatory Affairs (410) 396-3312

The Office of Legal and Regulatory Affairs (OLRA) works closely with the Baltimore City Law Department, facilitating DPW’s response to claims, litigation, subpoenas, and Public Information Act requests.  OLRA specializes in environmental compliance issues, and is working to establish protocols which will proactively address these issues.  OLRA, in partnership with the Law Department, represents DPW in negotiations with State and federal regulatory agencies, including the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  OLRA also advises DPW on routine administrative violations and appeals administered by DPW, including stormwater and erosion and sediment control violations.  Finally, OLRA provides general policy guidance to DPW and works closely with the Law Department to address other legal issues as needed.

Office of Legislative Affairs (410) 396-1960

The Office is responsible for participating in policy analyses and is the intermediary between this Department and elected officials at the City, State and federal levels, in concert with the Mayor’s Office of Government Relations.  All legislative proposals and positions either originate with or are processed through this Office.  Whether it is resolving a prolonged constituent problem, providing briefings on agency initiatives or policies, or presenting testimony, it is important that the Department speak with one voice when appearing before or interacting with our elected officials.

Office of Strategy and Performance (410) 396-3320

The Office of Strategy and Performance (OSAP) provides assistance and takes the lead in making sure key projects and programs have thorough advanced planning, ensuring that each implementation step is well supported, managed, tracked and monitored from conception to completion. OSAP compares project and program outcomes with the desired objectives to help identify where improvements may be needed to secure even better performance. It is the role of OSAP to continuously provide guidance in the application of industry best practices

Public Information Act Requests

The agency head or executive director is the custodian of the records for this entity. You may contact Brent Clemmens, 200 Holliday Street, Suite 203, Baltimore, MD 21202, 410-396-3312 or [email protected] about requesting records from this entity.