Office of Equity & Environmental Justice

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Mission Statement

The Office of Equity and Environmental Justice (OEEJ) promotes equal opportunity within DPW and reduces disparities and/or burdens. Using an equity lens, DPW must consider the impact on employees, customers, stakeholders, and the environment to ensure that the outcomes of the Department’s policies and projects promote the well-being of the community.

The Office of Equity and Environmental Justice was established as a result of Baltimore City’s Equity Ordinance (Ordinance 18-160) for the purpose of:

  • Promoting equity and reducing disparities within city government.
  • Eliminating structural and institutional racism and discrimination through research, education, and interventions.
  • Developing an equity action plan and incorporating and embedding equity in all DPW operations, programs, services, and policies.
  • Providing guidance, education, and technical assistance to DPW to enable the development of sustainable and equitable outcomes and services.
  • Working with community partners and stakeholders to promote equity and inclusion within Baltimore, producing measurable improvements and disparity reductions.
  • Supporting human rights and opportunities for everyone to achieve their full potential.
  • Conducting equity assessments of existing and proposed policies and practices.

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What is Equity?

Many people often confuse equity with the word equality. Equality is providing the same level of opportunity and assistance to all segments of society, regardless of demographic. Equity is providing different levels of support and assistance, depending on specific needs, abilities, or circumstances. For example, equality is all residents receive water mail based on fee and consumption. Equity ensures that all residents have access to water and that their water is affordable.

Meet the OEEJ Team

Marco K. Merrick,  Chief
 alt="" 443-202-5055
Phillip T. Gaines, EEO Officer
alt="" 443-202-6199
R. Anthony Mills, Acting Chief of Water Advocacy and Customer Appeal
alt="" 410-396-3310

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