Cleaning the City

As the City of Baltimore responds to the COVID-19 outbreak, DPW’s street sweeping operations have been suspended to accommodate the large number of residents required to telework. At this time, all residential sanitation and recycling collections are continuing. Residents continue to have access to drop-off services at convenience centers, the transfer stations and landfills.

Cleaning and Greening Overview

The Bureau of Solid Waste maintains the city’s cleanliness through its multifaceted waste collections, cleaning operations and disposal programs. There are six operational divisions in the Bureau, each playing an important role in the cleanliness of Baltimore. The long-term goal of the Bureau is to reduce the volume and amount of waste disposed into landfills, extending the life of these valuable assets and making the City self-reliant for the future.

    • Routine Services
      • Weekly curbside trash and recycling collection
      • Seasonal yard waste collection
      • Christmas Tree collection
    • Special Services
    • Property Management
      • Vacant property boarding
      • Rat abatement
      • Mowing of vacant lots
      • Vacant lot cleaning
    • Environmental Services
      • Operation of Northwest Transfer Station
      • Management of Quarantine Road Landfill
      • Management of Small Haulers program
    • Mechanical Street Sweeping
      • Mechanical Street Sweeping operation
      • Drop off center operations
      • Community Pitch-In program
    • Inner Harbor and Special Events
      • Corner and park can collection
      • Downtown cleaning
      • Homeless encampment cleaning
      • Waterway cleaning
      • Gateway and business district cleaning
      • Trash and Recycling services for special events

What Residents can do to keep the city clean

The Bureau of Solid Waste needs help to keep the city clean! Below are some ways you can do your part:

  • Keep it Clean
    • Don’t litter! In public spaces, use trash cans.
    • Keep your property and the sidewalk in front of your property clear of litter and weeds.
    • Secure your home trash and recycling.
  • Volunteer your time
    • Pick up litter you see while walking in your neighborhood or local park.
    • Organize a community cleanup with your neighbors.
      • Please see our Community Cleanups section for more information.
  • Call 311!
    • Please call 311 if you see trash or unsightliness. Relevant Service Requests:
      • Dirty Alley
        • Request that an alley be cleaned of trash and/or bulk items.
      • Dirty Street
        • Request that a street be cleaned of trash and/or bulk items.
      • Public (Corner) Trash Can Issue
        • Report an overflowing public trash can to be emptied. You can also use this to report corner can abuse (dumping of household trash or bulk items at the corner can).
      • Rat Rubout
        • Use to report a rat infestation on a property’s exterior. Please also fill out the right of entry form so DPW can legally enter your property.
      • Illegal Dumping
        • Report large amounts of trash, bulk items, or building materials that appeared overnight or a witnessed act of dumping from a vehicle.
        • If the dumping is in progress, please call 911.
      • Sanitation Property
        • Report sanitation related issues on private property, such as trash and debris, bulk trash items, improper use/ lack of use of receptacles and receptacles lids, high grass and weeds, etc.