Paperless Water Billing

Enroll today! Receive a 5%, One-time Discount!

Starting April 17, 2023, Baltimore City residential water customers can receive a one-time, 5 percent discount off their monthly water bill when they enroll in DPW's Paperless Water Billing Program. To take advantage of this discount, residents must sign up for Paperless Billing by Friday, June 30, 2023. The one-time, 5 percent water bill discount will be capped at $150 and applied to eligible water bills within two billing cycles. Customers who have already enrolled in the Paperless Billing Program will automatically qualify and receive the one-time discount. 

Paperless Billing is Optional

Baltimore City residents now have the option to sign up for paperless water billing rather than receive a monthly bill in the mail.

Customers are not required to enroll in paperless water billing. Those who do not sign up for paperless water billing will continue to receive a paper bill in the mail.

Paperless Billing Benefits

A paperless billing option allows customers to view and pay their monthly water bill – anytime, anywhere. With paperless billing, customers lessen their environmental impact by receiving email notifications to view their monthly water bill online rather than getting a paper statement through the mail. In addition, customers can pay their water bill through the Customer Self-Service Water Bill Portal or any of Baltimore City’s payment options.

How to Go Paperless

Instead of receiving a bill in the mail each month, DPW will send those who sign up for the paperless billing option an email notification when their monthly water bills are ready to view online.

To go paperless, customers must sign up on DPW’s Customer Self-Service Portal:

  • Log into the DPW Customer Self-Service Portal. If you don’t have an account already, create one at the Registration Page. (The activation code can be found on the back of the monthly water bill.)
  • Select the option to sign up for paperless billing on the account summary page.
  • Verify your email address and then click the ok button.

To learn more about DPW’s new paperless billing option, please review the Frequently Asked Question document.