Water Bill Payment Plan Program

We understand that customers may occasionally fall behind on bills and we are available to work with our customers to set up payment arrangements, which prevent unpaid balances from getting out of control.

Residential, Multifamily, and Commercial Payment Plans

The Baltimore City Department of Public Works, in collaboration with PromisePay, is providing flexible payment plans to Baltimore City residential, multifamily, and commercial customers to pay off past-due Water and Sewer Utilities balances over time. PromisePay offers affordable payment plans for Baltimore City customers. The PromisePay payment plans:

  • Are interest-free payment plans
  • Will keep your water service active and avoid financial consequences
  • Provide flexibility when you need it

PromisePay payment plans are now available for Baltimore City residential, multifamily, and commercial water customers. For more information, please contact PromisePay representatives at (410) 779-9808 or visit the Baltimore Promise Pay Page .