Municipal Trash Cans

Municipal Cans

As part of the ongoing effort to keep our neighborhoods and waterways cleaner and healthier, Baltimore City has provided a Municipal Trash Can to every residential address receiving trash collection by the City. These durable, wheeled trash cans are equipped with attached, tight-fitting lids that have proven effective in keeping streets and alleys clean, and in deterring rodents. Municipal Trash Cans are the property of the City of Baltimore. The trash cans are assigned to specific residential addresses and are not transferable to another location or address. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Municipal Trash Cans? 
Containing trash in a durable can with a tight-fitting lid is one of the best ways to reduce debris and litter, keep food away from rats, and make our neighborhoods clean and safe. Each can comes with an attached lid, so trash won’t blow away and critters won’t climb in. Trash trucks fitted with special lifting mechanisms will quickly and easily dump the cans, reducing strain on our workers. Each can has wheels, making them easy to move, as well as a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, making them easy to identify.

How does this work?
In 2016 the Citywide Municipal Trash Can Program delivered a composite resin container to every household that gets City trash removal services. The cans remain the property of the City, assigned to the specific address. Residents are not charged for the cans, but are expected to place their trash into bags before putting the trash in the cans.

What if my can is lost, stolen, or damaged?
The property owner must notify 311 to report the problem and begin the City’s process of replacing or repairing it. Property owners are allowed one free replacement can (or two free repairs) but must pay for subsequent replacements. Residents will not have to cover the cost of repairing/replacing cans due to normal wear and tear.

What do I do with the municipal trash container if I move?
The city-issued municipal trash container is the property of the City of Baltimore. Please leave it in the rear yard of the residence when you move and notify 311.

What if there is no can at the property when I move in?
Notify 311 to begin the process of getting a Municipal Trash Can for the property.

Who is providing the cans?
Schaefer Systems International, Inc., of Charlotte, N.C., won a nationwide, open bid to provide the cans. Schaefer cans are in use in jurisdictions across the country, and recently were adopted in the Maryland towns of Indian Head and LaPlata.

May I use additional, personal cans?
Collecting trash from additional cans is possible as long as the total amount of trash per address does not exceed 96 gallons, the legal limit for the City to collect. Regular recycling helps to minimize the amount of waste that is thrown away. Trash set out in bags is not an acceptable means to contain trash.

Are there collections from multi-family dwellings?
Every address in Baltimore City is eligible for collection services under the restriction that they may only set out 96 gallons of mixed refuse per week. Addresses that generate above this limit must contract with private waste collectors. Any address currently receiving sanitation collection services from the Bureau of Solid Waste will participate in the Municipal Trash Can Program.