Mechanical Street Sweeping

Clean streets show both residents and visitors that Baltimore is striving to be a greener, cleaner city.  Therefore Baltimore City uses mechanical street sweepers to collect tons of trash, grime, and other pollutants off the streets, and prevents it from entering storm drains, the Inner Harbor and eventually the Chesapeake Bay.

What are the other benefits of Street Sweeping?

  • Prevents trash and litter from blocking storm drains and causing flooding during heavy rains;
  • Is more cost effective than trying to remove debris and pollutants after they enter the storm drains and the harbor; and
  • Helps the City comply with the State stormwater discharge permit.

Street Sweeping Schedule





To check the schedule for a specific address visit the City View Website or call 311.



Four City Quadrants
The quadrant areas of the city are swept monthly. These routes do not have posted parking restrictions. We ask that residents cooperate in the street sweeping effort by following the schedule when parking and move their cars on the designated sweeping days.
The Central District
The Central area of the city is swept weekly. Some routes in this area currently have parking restriction signs and signs will be added to more routes soon. When parking your vehicle, please check for any parking restrictions signs and following them to avoid receiving a ticket.
The Downtown District
The downtown area of the city is swept each day and some of the routes do have parking restriction signs. Please remember to check for signs when parking.
Provided Resident Cardboard Signs
If you would like to request a customized cardboard sign for your street's exact sweeping day, which you can display to remind your neighbors or visitors to move their car, please call 311 to make the request.