Mechanical Street Sweeping

Street sweeping remains suspended due to the pandemic and the number of staff required to sustain the operation.Mechanical Street Sweeper Truck

Mechanical Street Sweeping

The Mechanical Street Sweeping program is a city-wide cleaning service that removes dirt and debris from streets to provide a healthy, safe, and attractive environment for Baltimore City residents and visitors.

  • Regular removal of dirt and litter from street curbs is necessary to prevent stormwater drains from clogging, which can flood your street and neighborhood.
  • Removes nails and other items that could cause harm to people, animals, and vehicle tires.
  • Street sweeping protects water quality by reducing pollutants, like trash and sediment, from entering the Chesapeake Bay.
  • The Mechanical Street Sweeping program helps the City comply with the State stormwater discharge permit.


Downtown District: Downtown is swept on a daily basis. Please adhere to posted parking signs.
Central District: The Central District is swept on a weekly basis. Parking restriction signs should be followed within this district.
City Quadrants: City quadrants are swept on a monthly basis. These routes do not have posted parking restrictions, but the City requests residents to cooperate by moving vehicles on the designated sweeping day.

  • Northwest and Southeast Quadrants
    • Odd street sides are swept on the first Wednesday each month
    • Even street sides are swept on the second Wednesday each month
  • Northeast and Southwest Quadrants
    • Odd street sides are swept on the third Wednesday of each month
    • Even street sides are swept on the fourth Wednesday of each month


If you are unsure which district you reside in, please visit the city view web page to find your street sweeping days

Download our Mechanical Street Sweeping informational flyer