Small Hauler Program

      • The Small Haulers Program
        • Registration
          • Small commercial haulers can register for a permit through the Baltimore City Health Department (link) and utilize the Northwest Transfer Station and the Quarantine Road Landfill for disposal.
          • If you contract with others for the collection, transportation, or disposal of solid waste, you need a small haulers permit.
          • Small haulers can register for a permit by bringing each of their vehicle’s registration form to Environmental Inspection Services at 1001 East Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. Registration must include the weight of the vehicle.
          • The required fee is $100 for each truck over 7,000 pounds and $35 for each truck under 7,000 pounds.
        • The disposal fee for small haulers at the NWTS and QRL is $20 per load up to 7,000 pounds. For loads over 7,000 pounds, there is an additional fee of $3.38 per 100 pounds over 7,000.