Clean Drain Campaign

The Clean Drain Campaign is an initiative from the Baltimore City Department of Public Works to raise the awareness of Baltimore residents about proper disposal practices for cooking fats, oils, grease, wet wipes, and other household waste. These are the things that promote clogs in residential sewer lines, and fatbergs in our public sewer mains. Click here to view this news item from the Today Show website it details the problems with so called "flushable" wipes that really are not flushable!

When you properly dispose of these items by putting them in the trash can instead of a toilet or sink drain, you can reduce clogs and help eliminate sewage backups in our basement and streets, and pollution in our waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.

Detailed in this section are educational materials, flyers, and tips to protect yourself and your pipes from clogs and backups, and keep Baltimore free from fatbergs. Citizens are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these resources, which are free to print and distribute.

Fats Oils and Grease flyer

View the Clear the FOG PDF by clicking here.

Fats Oils and Grease flyer tips

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