Meter Reduction Requests

Water Meter

The infrastructure fee that appears on monthly water bills is necessary for DPW to recover costs associated with water and sewer infrastructure renewal, such as water and sewer pipes, treatment plants, and reservoirs. The fee is based on the size of a property’s water meter, and increases as the size of the meter increases.

Typically, residential properties have a 5/8-inch or a 3/4-inch water meter. In a private residence, a meter of 1-inch or larger may be needed in order to supply water to a fire suppression sprinkler system. The size of the meter is determined by the builder of the property; DPW does not select meter size for a property.

Property owners can request to have a smaller meter installed. Requests to switch to a smaller meter must be professionally certified to prove that the reduction will be adequate for household use, and for fire protection at properties that have sprinklers. Please review the Water Meter Reduction Information Sheet, which describes the steps property owners must take when requesting a meter reduction.

Requests for properties with 2-inch meters or smaller must be certified by a Registered Master Plumber, and those with 3-inch meters or larger by a Licensed Professional Engineer.

Forms for requesting a meter reduction

Water Meter Reduction Information Sheet Water Meter Reduction Instruction Form
Water Meter Downsize Request Form for Meters 2-Inches and Smaller Meter downsize for meters 2 inches or smaller
Water Meter Downsize Request for Meters Larger than 2-Inches Downsize request for meters larger than 2 inches