Ashburton Tanks Project

Ashburton Tanks Project

To help preserve the high quality and safety of our drinking water system, the Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) has been converting our open-air drinking water lakes into buried tanks. As of December 21, 2023, work to cover the remaining open-air reservoirs at Druid Lake and Ashburton is complete. The conclusion of both projects provides an added layer to protect the region's water supply against cryptosporidium. As a result, the precautionary advisory for immunocompromised residents is no longer in effect. For more on both projects, take a moment to read the latest press release. We’ve completed projects in Towson and the Montebello II Filtration Plant, and are in construction on projects at the Guilford and Druid Lake reservoir. Our drinking water will be much safer and more secure with these underground tanks, and it allows us to comply with federal Safe Drinking Water Act regulations.

A playground and other parks and green spaces will be built over the tanks in the space north of the lake. The entire project is budgeted for about $137 million. Upon completion, Lake Ashburton will remain as a beautiful freshwater amenity, while 50 million gallons of drinking water is secured safely in two underground tanks, every 434 feet in diameter.

Due to the construction activity, public access to the park will be limited. Most of the entrances and exits for construction vehicles will be on Liberty Heights Avenue at Dukeland Street, keeping construction traffic out of the neighborhood. Funding for this project includes contributions from the State of Maryland and Baltimore County. The contractor, Oscar Renda, is required to remain in compliance with the State and City’s MWDBE hiring goals.

DPW will update this page to provide significant updates, and officials will be in contact with community association leaders and residents during the construction period. Questions may be directed to the Communications and Community Affairs Division

Ashburton Construction Traffic Impacts

Ashburton map

Original Condition


Two 430’ diameter D110 underground tanks holding 25 mg each that Western 2 Zone of Baltimore City Finished  Water System Requires. 

Completed Layout


Two 434’ diameter D110 underground tanks holding 25 mg each that Western 2 Zone of Baltimore City Finished  Water System Requires. 

Existing and New Support Buildings


Public Gathering Space on the North Side of Lake