Annual Recycling Report Form

Baltimore is required to provide an annual report to the Maryland Department of the Environment on recycling tonnage generated within the city. The mandated rate of recycling for Baltimore City is 35%. We request businesses, multi-family dwellings, office buildings, and any other entity that does not receive recycling collection from Baltimore City DPW to report their recycling activity. Your participation will not only help us reach the 35% goal, it will also help your organization gain a better understanding of its waste generation and disposal, the first step in improving waste reduction.

Please take the time to fill out this form and return it to the Bureau of Solid Waste. The calculator will help translate container size to tons. If you have any questions, you can reach us at 410-396-4511.

Report forms should be completed and returned
via mail or email by April 1, 2020 to:

Baltimore City Bureau of Solid Waste
200 Holiday Street
Room 1000
Baltimore, MD 21202
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for your support in helping the City of Baltimore reach a 35% recycling rate!