Annual MRA Recycling Report

As part of the Maryland Recycling Act (MRA), the City of Baltimore is required to provide an annual report to the Maryland Department of the Environment including tons of all waste disposed, including recycling tonnage, generated within the City. The state-mandated recycling rate for a city the size of Baltimore is 35%, which means that 35% of all waste collected and disposed by commercial and residential sectors should be recycled.

The Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) requests businesses, multi-family dwellings, office buildings, and any other entity that does not receive trash and recycling collection from DPW to report their waste and recycling activity. Participation will not only help reach the City’s 35 percent recycling rate, it will also help each reporter gain a better understanding of their respective waste generation and disposal. These introductory waste audits are the first step in improving waste reduction by increasing awareness.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at 410-396-4511 or via email at

For more information on MRA reporting, please visit the Maryland Department of the Environment’s (MDE) website

Please take the time to fill out the online Annual Business Reporting Survey form. This calculator will help translate container size to tons. If you have any questions, you can reach us at 410-396-4511 or email us at Online form submission is preferred, however you can download a PDF form here.

Report forms should be completed by March 1, 2024.

Thank you for your support in helping the City of Baltimore reach a 35% recycling rate!