Druid Lake Tanks

What’s Happening at Druid Lake

As of December 21, 2023, work to cover the remaining open-air reservoirs at Druid Lake and Ashburton is complete. The conclusion of both projects provides an added layer to protect the region's water supply against cryptosporidium. As a result, the precautionary advisory for immunocompromised residents is no longer in effect. For more on both projects, take a moment to read the latest press release.

The tanks – one 500 feet in diameter and the second 450 feet in diameter – will each be just over 20 feet tall and hold 52 million gallons of water combined. They will be buried underground and topped with landscaped green space in the western edge of the lake. The 500-foot wide tank will be the largest of its kind in the world.

The lake is remaining in service as a reservoir for drinking water, serving customers in the City, and Baltimore County.

Most of Druid Lake will remain a recreational amenity. Water will be aerated to keep it fresh, though instead of being drinking water it will be mostly stormwater runoff from Druid Park.

druid lake mayor

To help secure the City’s water supply, the Baltimore City Department of Public Works is covering a considerable portion Druid Lake and installing two huge underground water tanks.

Druid Lake holds filtered and treated water that is ready to be sent to consumers. To protect this drinking water supply, two covered storage tanks, holding more than 50 million gallons of drinking water, will be constructed underground on the western end of the lake. This will mean a slightly smaller Druid Lake, but ultimately an enhanced Druid Hill Park.

Visitors to Druid Lake will notice fencing erected along the western portion of the reservoir, closing that portion of the loop road. In addition, tree protection and erosion and sediment controls are also being put in place.

An alternate running and jogging location is posted in Druid Hill Park north of the lake. Those who still wish for the experience of walking, running or biking around a lake may wish to visit nearby Lake Ashburton in Hanlon Park, or Lake Montebello just off of East 33rd Street and Hillen Road.

Why Are These Changes Needed  


Federal regulations require that finished drinking water must be either covered or receive additional treatment (Safe Drinking Water Act Regulations LT2ESWTR). Covered storage is preferred as a long-term solution for maintaining water quality.

DPW has recently completed other covered reservoir projects include Towson, Montebello II, and Pikesville. Guilford Reservoir is currently under construction, and Lake Ashburton will soon be, also.

Druid Lake Project Details 


Two buried water storage tanks are being installed:

  • Together these will hold 52 million gallons of water.
  • New piping will connect the tanks to the existing system.
  • The cost is approximately $140 million.
  • Based on the current status, the project would be complete by Fall 2023.

Park and Lake Enhancements

Druid Lake was designed not only to support the City’s water supply but to enhance the public’s enjoyment of Druid Hill Park. The project will ensure that the lake remains a public recreational asset for generations to come. 

Improvements will include:

  • A new curvilinear shoreline to mimic the current shoreline.
  • A new open, welcoming area on top of new tanks, creating an additional 14 acres of usable park space  
  • Landscaping to complement the park and manage stormwater
  • New site lighting and a new, wider promenade
  • New path near lake edge for pedestrians and cyclists
  • New amphitheater
  • Maintenance of lake level and provision of lake aeration system to assure water quality.

Mature trees around the lake will be well-protected during construction, along with the monuments, pavilions, and statues. The Tsunami Memorial Trees will be relocated in the park.

DPW will be providing additional information on this website as the Druid Lake Project progresses.