Stormwater Management Waiver

BGE Gas WO# 14500206
BGE Rognal Heights Ph2

The City of Baltimore Department of Public Works (DPW) is accepting public review and comments on this project’s application for a stormwater management waiver related to qualitative control. 

Applicant:      Baltimore Gas & Electrics
1699 Leadenhall Street, Baltimore, MD 21230
ESD #: 7722                                      
Watershed(s): Gwynns Falls

Project Locations:  The project has an approximate area of 0.47 acres and is located within the Rognal Heights neighborhoods area bounded by Flowerton Road (to the North), Edmondson Avenue (to the South), Wildwood Parkway (to the East), and Walnut Avenue (to the West).

Project Description:    This project includes the repair and replacement of gas main.  To obtain specific information concerning this project, please contact Lineta Duren at 443-780-1747 or [email protected].  

The Applicant is requesting a qualitative control waiver for stormwater management in accordance with Article 7, Division II, §23-2 of the City Code. The Applicant has demonstrated that the 0.47 ac of the project will return the disturbed area to the current runoff condition, therefore the applicant has met the criteria for this type of waiver.

To obtain information or send comments specifically about this qualitative control waiver request, please contact Chelsea Stroble or Norman Seldon, DPW-  Office of Compliance and Laboratories at Room 227, 3001 Druid Park Drive, Baltimore, MD 21215, (410-396-0732) or by e-mail to [email protected].  Comments received after 4:30 PM, December 19, 2018 will not be considered.

Any further notices about actions on this application will be posted on the DPW’s website.

Public Notice for Stormwater Management
Answers to Common Questions

Why am I getting this notice?
The referenced construction project is proposed in the street or alley next to your property. The City of Baltimore is required by law to notify you.

What is a qualitative control waiver?​
By law, land-disturbing construction projects  require improvements to the quality of stormwater runoff.  However, some projects (like utility projects) may be granted a waiver because the disturbance is unavoidable and the ground surface will be returned to existing conditions. 

Is that legal?
Yes, under Article 7, Division II, §23-2 of the City Code.

Does this have anything to do with the Maryland Stormwater Fee?
No. The fee that property owners have to pay is different from the stormwater management rules that developers have to follow.

How will it affect me?
The waiver application should not affect you or your property. 

Will it cost me anything?
No. All fees associated with this waiver will be paid by the applicant listed on front page of this notice.

Do I have to do anything?
No action is required, but you can send comments or inquiries to the contacts listed on the front of this notice.

How do I find out additional information about the project itself?
The project outreach manager, Lineta Duren, can give you additional information about the location of the project, estimated start dates, and what is included in the project.  She may be contacted at 443-780-1747 or [email protected].


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