DPW’s  Northwest Transfer Station Scale Replacement Work Rescheduled: Sept. 7-9  Transfer Station to Remain Open to Residents, Small Haulers

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Scale replacement work at the Northwest Transfer Station has been rescheduled due to a request from the vendor. This week, the scale replacement work will take place from Thursday, Sept. 7 to Saturday, Sept. 9.

During this time, residents can continue to use the facility’s Residential Drop-Off Center and small commercial waste haulers will be able to dispose of their loads.   

From Sept. 7 to Sept. 9, small haulers will be charged a flat rate of $20 per load. The $20 flat rate fee will only apply to haulers using the Northwest Transfer Station.

The Northwest Transfer Station will continue to remain open during their normal hours of operation: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Saturday. The transfer station is located at 5030 Reisterstown Road Baltimore, Md. 21215.

DPW thanks residents and small haulers for their patience as the department works to upgrade its scale system. Residents and small haulers may experience slight delays due to the construction work on the scale replacement project.

To calculate disposal fees at the Northwest Transfer Station and the Quarantine Road Landfill, DPW uses a scale system to weigh a hauler’s vehicle when they enter the facility and re-weigh the vehicle after the load has been deposited.

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