Mayor Scott , DPW Director Mitchell Announce Launch of Paperless Water Billing Option

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Mayor Scott and DPW Director Mitchell Announce the Launch of Paperless Water Billing Option
 Introduce PromisePay, a New Payment Plan Program

Today, Mayor Brandon M. Scott and Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) Director Jason W. Mitchell, Ed.D., announced that Baltimore City residents now have the option to sign up for paperless water billing rather than receive a monthly bill in the mail. In addition, DPW will implement PromisePay, a new payment plan program designed to assist residents who have fallen behind with their water bill payments.

“When I became mayor of this great city, I made a commitment to do what was necessary to modernize operations and improve services and supports for our residents. I’m pleased to see that DPW is kicking off 2023 by implementing two programs to enhance customer service,” said Mayor Brandon M. Scott.  “Baltimore City residents are encouraged to make full use of the new electronic billing option, which is an innovative way to manage and keep accounts current.” 

The introduction of paperless water billing and the PromisePay payment plan system are the latest in a series of upgrades and improvements that DPW has made to the City’s water billing operations, said DPW Director Jason W. Mitchell, Ed.D. “Throughout DPW, we are committed to providing ‘Best in Class’ customer service. Paperless billing and PromisePay offer residents an easier, more sustainable way to manage their water bills and access to flexible, interest-free payment plans,” he said.

Last year, DPW made significant improvements to the City’s water bill operations. The Department  accomplished this by implementing a new rate adjustment policy, the Water4All affordability program, and arming DPW’s customer service support staff with more training and development opportunities. In addition, DPW stabilized water/wastewater/stormwater rates, implementing the lowest rate increase since 1998.

How to Go Paperless Instead of receiving a bill in the mail each month, DPW will send those who sign up for the paperless billing option an email notification when their monthly water bills are ready to view online.

To go paperless, customers must sign up on DPW’s Customer Self-Service Portal:

  • Log into the DPW Customer Self-Service Portal. If you don’t have an account already, create one at (The activation code can be found on the back of the monthly water bill.)
  • Select the option to sign up for paperless billing on the account summary page.
  • Verify your email address and then click the ok button.

Customers are not required to enroll in paperless water billing. Those who do not sign up for paperless water billing will continue to receive a paper bill in the mail. The paperless billing option is only available for City-based residential and business accounts.

To learn more about DPW’s new paperless billing option, please review the Frequently Asked Question document available on DPW’s website. 

PromisePay: New Payment Plan

DPW, in collaboration with PromisePay, is providing flexible payment plans to Baltimore City residents to pay off past-due residential water bill balances over time. The payment plans are interest free.

PromisePay payment plans can assist Baltimore customers who are behind on their water bills. Any residential water account in Baltimore City with a past due balance of $250 to $5,000 is eligible to enroll in a convenient, flexible, and interest fee PromisePay payment plan.

PromisePay payment plans will launch for Baltimore City Residents on January 30, 2023.

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Now Available! Baltimore City Residents with Unpaid Water Bill Balances Can Sign Up for PromisePay Payment Plan

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