Water Main Upgrades Set for Area Around Poe Homes Complex

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Several water mains around the Poe Homes Complex, just west of downtown, will be replaced with larger pipes, or rehabilitated, in the coming weeks. The work by the Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW), in coordination with the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC), will result in better water pressure and more reliable service for hundreds of homes and businesses in the area.

Information about the work – including timelines, possible water disruptions, and the placement of temporary water bypass lines – is being shared with impacted residents via letters and community meetings.

In the wake of a June 17 water main break that resulted in a significant water outage in West Baltimore, DPW completed an assessment of the water system in the area. This included all the water mains servicing the area, as well as valves, fire hydrants, and other related fixtures. All but one of the mains are at lower than acceptable pressures.

Based on our assessments, DPW will replace/upsize, clean and re-line the existing water mains in the vicinity of the Poe Homes Complex. Some of these mains date back to 1910s and 1920s.

The work will be completed in approximately 3 months and will be done in phases in such a way as to minimize any disruptions of water service. It will impact:

  • Saratoga Street, between Schroeder Street and Freemont Avenue
  • Lexington Street, between Schroeder Street and Freemont Avenue
  • North Amity Street, between Saratoga Street and Lexington Street
  • Fremont Avenue, between Mulberry Street and Baltimore Street

Residents of impacted properties will receive utility work notices in advance of any work that may impact the property. The notices will include names and contact information for DPW project managers.

The installation of above-ground, temporary water bypass lines is standard procedure whenever existing water mains are being replaced or serviced. Any water service interruption will be kept to a short time frame in order to minimize inconvenience to our customers.

The result of the work will be water mains that will support residential and commercial customers in that section of West Baltimore for generations to come.

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