Baltimore Promotes Recycling with Public Bins

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Keep America Beautiful and Coke provide grant funding for 20 bins

Visitors as well as residents will have more opportunities to recycle and keep the City of Baltimore beautiful, thanks to a $10,580 grant from Keep America Beautiful and Coca-Cola for 20 public recycling bins.

Five bins will be placed at each of 4 locations that are adjacent to anchor institutions, with the goal of continuing the recycling Blue recycling bins will stand next to streetside trash cans in 20 locations near four anchor institutions.momentum found at the anchor institutions into the surrounding business districts.  Public outreach will be conducted with businesses at those locations in an effort to increase recycling within the businesses as well.

“We are all responsible for the improvement and care of our City, the private as well as public spaces,” said Mayor Catherine E. Pugh at the April 24 dedication of five bins on North Charles Street near Johns Hopkins University, one of the five locations.

The other locations where the cans will be placed are near Maryland Institute College of Art, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Loyola University Maryland. 

“I encourage all City residents to make use of these recycling resources which, if used regularly, will support our efforts to improve the quality of life of our city, and its beauty.”

Recycling is available and promoted within those institutions. Now, recycling options will be available next to the anchor institutions to reinforce behaviors practiced on campus. Having more opportunities to recycle gets the City closer to zero waste.

Additionally each location will be serviced by one of 15 new All-Terrain Litter Vehicles that the City has received through the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s Legacy Grant. 

Baltimore is one of 11 locations to receive money from Keep America Beautiful and the Coca-Cola Foundation for the recycling bins. Baltimore’s grant was received by BMORE Beautiful, the City’s peer-to-peer program that encourages residents, businesses and organizations to become directly involved in keeping their neighborhoods attractive. 

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