Opening of West Baltimore Stormwater Project Focuses on Green-Career Opportunities

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West Baltimore Stormwater Project At a brand-new stormwater project in West Baltimore, City leaders were joined by those from Civic Works’ Baltimore Center for Green Careers to mark the launch of a stormwater management training program. This hands-on program will equip participants with detailed technical training for installing and maintaining stormwater projects.

The launch of the Civic Works’ Stormwater Management Technician Training Program comes as the potential job market for people trained to work with green infrastructure grows, and as the City of Baltimore works to comply with federal requirements for managing polluted stormwater by building more remediation projects.

“As we work to reduce the damage of polluted runoff in our communities and waterways, I’m delighted that the private sector is responding by joining us to train City residents for careers in this growing industry,” said Baltimore Mayor Catherine E. Pugh. “These stormwater projects, and these training programs, mean real investments in our people and in our neighborhoods.”

The Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) utilizes revenue from the City’s stormwater fee to build stormwater bio-retention facilities, and for some of the cost of the Civic Works’ Stormwater Technician Training Program.

Built by DPW, the stormwater bio-retention facility featured at this announcement used to be a hard surface that served only to add to the pollution as runoff made its way to the City’s streams and Harbor. Today, it has been transformed into a green space planted with grass and native flowers. The facility includes a series of filters made of rock and soil that help clean rainwater runoff as it moves from streets and lots to the existing stormwater system.

This project is located within the block bounded by Mount and Gilmor streets and Lanvale and Lafayette avenues.

Additional stormwater remediation projects are being built on lots and streets around Baltimore as part of the work to meet the terms of the City’s stormwater permit. This planning and construction, as well as maintenance of these projects, will create green-infrastructure jobs.

DPW Director Rudolph S. Chow, P.E., praised the collaborative efforts among City and private agencies to promote investments in stormwater management projects and the jobs needed to build and maintain them. “DPW’s mission includes supporting the health, environment, and economy of our City,” he said, “and these investments help do that.”

The Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (MOED) is working with Civic Works on the training program.

DPW is also a founding partner in the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program, which tests workers to confirm they have the knowledge and skills for advanced work in the industry. Several DPW employees have already earned their certifications.

People interested in learning more about employment training opportunities may contact Civic Works at [email protected] or 410-929-6120, or reach the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development at 410-396-3009.

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