Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   How long does it take to process a Consultant or Contractor application to receive a Prequalification Certificate?

A:   A minimum of 35 days from date application is received to the date of Board of Estimates approval for contractors and 35 days for consultants.

Q:   What is the process once a Contractor or Consultant application has been received by the Office of Boards and Commissions?

A:   For a Contractor or Consultant the processing involves checking the application for completeness as well as checking references, additionally for the Contractor confirming an Affirmative Action Plan approval, conducting a financial analysis to determine your company’s work capacity rating amount and then for both Contractor and Consultant a recommendation to, and approval by, the Board of Estimates.

Q:   What Office do I contact about filing an Affirmative Action Plan?

A:   The Baltimore City Office of Boards and Commissions, number 410-396-6883.

Q:   Do I need to include all current project references with contact names and numbers related to the categories for which my company is requesting prequalification?

A:   Yes, references are checked before a prequalification certification recommendation can be forwarded to the Board of Estimates for approvaL.

Q:   Does my company’s financial statement (for a contractor application) need to be prepared by an independent Certified Public Accountant?

A:    If your company is seeking approval for a work capacity rating of $8M or greater then a ‘reviewed’ or ‘audited’ financial statement prepared by an independent CPA must be submitted. A submittal with a ‘reviewed’ financial statement has a limit of $8M and an ‘audited’ financial statement allows for a greater work capacity rating. If your company is filing with a financial statement ‘compiled’ internally then a work capacity rating is allowed up to and including $1.5M.