Application for Quality and Quantity Waiver

3800 Newgate Avenue

The City of Baltimore Department of Public Works is accepting public review and comments on this project’s application for a qualitative waiver to the Baltimore City Stormwater Management Ordinance 10-277.  The applicant must provide stormwater management for the proposed project whether or not the waiver and variance are granted.    

Applicant: CONSOLE Energy Inc.
3800 Newgate Avenue,  Baltimore MD 21224
Duane Cephus 414-485-4087   
ESD #: 7971
Watershed(s): Patapsco River

Project Description: Initially constructed in 1916, Pier 1-2 and Pier 2 have deteriorated due to wear and tear from normal use and effects from the environmental elements.  Recent underwater inspections determined the need for repairs to structural components of the piers. Specifically, Pier 2 inspection found many of the timber piles supporting Pier 2 were found to be broken or entirely missing. The remaining Pier 2 timber piles exhibit rot and other forms of marine deterioration.  CNX Marine Terminals wishes to implement maintenance repairs to the existing structures to preserve them as viable assets in support of their ongoing business operations in the Port of Baltimore. The Pier 2 repairs include the excavation of the pier to expose the existing decking. Once the decking is exposed new steel piles will driven and the pier will be resurfaced to match existing elevations.  

The Applicant is requesting a Qualitative Control Waiver in accordance with Article 7, Division II, §23-2 and a Quantitative Control for Stormwater Management based on provisions in  Article 7, Division II, §23-1 of the City Code.  The Applicant has demonstrated that the 1.13 acres project will return the disturbed area to a predevelopment runoff condition and the site discharges into the tidal waters of the Patapsco River.

To obtain information about this waiver request, please contact Norman Seldon, Baltimore City Department of Public Works, Office of Compliance and Research, Room 228, 3001 Druid Park Drive, Baltimore, MD 21215, (410-396-0732) or by e-mail to [email protected].

Send information or comments about this waiver request to Nathaniel Krause, Baltimore City Department of Public Works, Bureau of Water and Wastewater, Office of Compliance and Research, Room 228, 3001 Druid Park Drive, Baltimore, MD  21215, (410-396-0732) or by e-mail to [email protected] by 4:30 PM, January 18, 2021.  Comments received after 4:30 PM, January 18, 2021, will not be considered.

Any further notices about actions on this waiver request will be posted on the Department’s website.

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