High Winds Expected Tomorrow

Baltimore Residents asked to secure trash receptacles; Report locations of piles of trash bags to 311

Since a high wind watch is in effect from Friday afternoon through the evening, Public Works Director Alfred H. Foxx has asked citizens to secure their trash receptacles to prevent debris from being blown into streets, alleys and yards. “Last Saturday, windy conditions led to trash and debris being blown against fence lines, into median strips, across streets and alleys, and throughout our parks. We are asking residents to secure their trash receptacles and report any piles of trash bags on streets, at the ends of alleys or on corners by calling those locations into 311.

Winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 60 mph are possible. These winds can blow trash from loosely tied or ripped bags and create airborne hazards and get into streams and eventually the harbor. Baltimore City law requires the use of trashcans. Trash and recycling needs to be stored until the next regularly scheduled collection day. Residents should make sure all loose objects on their property are secured or brought inside.

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