Millennium Landfill




ESD #6175

The Baltimore City Department of Public Works in coordination with Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, Inc., a Cristal Global Company, is accepting public review and comments for a request to waive1 stormwater management requirements for construction of a pile of earthen clay on an existing permitted landfill located on the south side of Fort Armistead Road in the Hawkins Point area of Baltimore City.

Map of the landfill located on the south side of Fort Armistead Road in the Hawkins Point area of Baltimore City.

Notice is hereby given that the public is invited to comment on the request by Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, Inc. to waive the requirements of the City Code, in accordance with a development project. Comments on the request for SWM Waivers must be received by 5:00 P.M. on, February 11, 2011, to ensure consideration by the Department.

1 As pertains to the Baltimore City Stormwater Ordinance and Guidelines

Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, Inc. is proposing to construct a pile of natural earthen clay to be transported from a contiguous site using no public roads. The features of the clay pile include:

  1. The base elevation of approximately 17.
  2. The top elevation of approximately 165.
  3. The base area of 12.28 acres.
  4. No paved surfaces. The completed project will be stabilized with vegetation.
  5. Implementation of Environmental Site Design to the Maximum Extent Possible using a series of grassed swales and pervious stone berms to detain and filter more than the first inch of runoff from the clay pile site.

In order to meet the 2010 Baltimore City SWM Ordinance requirements for the proposed clay pile, a waiver is necessary for development projects. The project involves the controlled placement of natural earthen clay soil and the installation of grassed swales, stone berms, and a forebay for an existing sediment/stormwater basin to meet the Maryland Department of the Environment 2007 Stormwater Management requirements.

This project qualifies for the Quantitative control waiver under §23-1-(A) of the Baltimore City SWM Ordinance. Environmental Site Design on this site was implemented to Maximum Extent Practicable by providing grassed swales and has a direct discharge of stormwater to Tidal Waters.


A copy of the Stormwater Management Report may be obtained by calling and making a request to Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, Inc., 3901 Fort Armistead Road, Baltimore, MD 21226, Mr. Frank Martin at (410) 354-7723.

Waiver Comments or Questions

Questions or comments on this project waiver may be submitted during the review period to or by mail to:

Mr. Warren Ware

Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW)

Bureau of Water and Wastewater, Surface Water Management Division

3001 Druid Park Drive

Baltimore, MD 21215

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