Public Notice 25th Street Redevelopment

The Baltimore City Department of Public Works, in coordination with WV Urban Developments LLC, is accepting public review and comments for a request to issue an Administrative Waiver1 to the City Code for a redevelopment project on the properties located at 101 W 25th Street, 204 W Ware Street, 2438 N Howard Street, 2500 Huntingdon Avenue, 300 W 24th Street, 330 W 24th Street, and 400 W 24th Street.

Notice is hereby given that the public is invited to comment on the request by WV Urban Developments LLC, for an Administrative Waiver to the requirements of the City Code which will allow the redevelopment project to be governed by the provisions of the Baltimore City Stormwater Management Ordinance – Division II, as reflected on May 4, 2009. The project is eligible for an Administrative Waiver because it received SWM Concept Approval on or before May 4, 2010. The SWM Concept Approval was granted on April 27, 2010. Comments on the request for the Administrative Waiver must be received by 5:00 p.m. on January 27, 2011 to ensure consideration by the Department.

The 25th Street Station Mixed Use Development proposes the construction of approximately 337,500 square feet of restaurants and retail and 80 new residential dwelling units. Additional associated improvements include:

  • Construction of a parking garage structure
  • Installation of landscaping and green roofs
  • Construction of various utilities, storm drainage systems roadway improvements, sidewalk improvements, bike routes, and pedestrian lighting
  • Installation of storm water quality control facilities
  • Additional site improvements

In order to meet the 2010 Baltimore City SWM Ordinance requirements for the proposed improvements, an Administrative Waiver must be granted by the Department that will allow the project to be reviewed in accordance with the stormwater management regulations that existed prior to May 4, 2010.


A copy of the Stormwater Management Report may be obtained by calling and making a request to Colbert Matz Rosenfelt, Inc. at (410) 653-3838 or by visiting the office during normal business hours:

Colbert Matz Rosenfelt, Inc.
2835 Smith Avenue, Suite G
Baltimore, Maryland 21209


Notices regarding future actions on this project will be posted.

Questions or comments on project waivers may be submitted during the review period by mail to Mr. Warren Ware, Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW), Bureau of Water and Wastewater, Surface Water Management Division, 3001 Druid Park Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21215, or by e-mail to

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