DPW Snow Update: Friday’s Trash, Recycling Collections Suspended Sanitation Yards, Residential Drop-off Center, Customer Service Office Closed Early

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Due to today’s steadily falling snow, the Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) Solid Waste crews are unable to conduct trash and recycling collections on Friday, Jan. 19. Monday, Jan. 22, is the anticipated make-up day for Friday’s trash and recycling collections.

Tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 20, limited Solid Waste crews will be out addressing missed pickups from this week, if weather and road conditions permit. However, the ability to complete the routes will depend on whether the snow and ice have thawed enough for the alleys to be accessible.

Snow and ice make many residential streets and alleys impassable, and Solid Waste trucks cannot run their routes. In addition, drivers are often called on to help the City’s Department of Transportation to plow and clear the roads.

Residents can call 311 to report missed trash and recycling collections and are reminded of the need to keep trash in bags and secured inside their City-issued green trash can or in a durable trash can with a tight-fitting lid.

Mechanical Street Sweeping operations remain suspended due to this week’s inclement weather.

Residential Drop-off, Water Bill Call Centers Closed

DPW’s Residential Drop-off Centers and sanitation yards have closed for the remainder of the day. The City’s water billing customer walk-in center and call center have also closed for the day.

For water emergencies in Baltimore City, please call 311 or 410-396-5352 in our Baltimore County service area.

Protect Your Pipes Against Freezing Temps  
Residents are urged to take steps to protect their pipes against freezing temperatures. Indoor water pipes can freeze if the temperature remains 25 degrees for extended periods.

  • Let a thin stream of cold water run from a basement or the lowest level of your home. The stream should be a continuous flow, about the thickness of a pencil lead. This water can be caught in a bucket and used later as laundry or dish water.
  • If your pipe is frozen, gently warm it with hot air from a blow dryer at the point where it enters your house.
  • Be sure you know the location of the water shutoff valve in your home. Check it periodically to ensure it works properly.
  • Be sure to shut off water to outside faucets.
  • Periodically monitor your sump pump. A frozen drainpipe could result in a flooded basement.
  • Insulate pipes in unheated parts of your house. Be especially alert if you have had frozen pipes in the past.
  • Always keep on hand a three-day supply of bottled water; one gallon per person, per day.

Please Clear Storm Drains!

Residents are also reminded of the importance of locating and clearing the storm drains in their streets and alleys. As temperatures rise above freezing and the snow melts during daylight hours, the stormwater system can only drain water away if the inlets are kept open. Please also make sure hydrants are clear of snow and accessible.


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