DPW Extends Deadline to Receive Discount for Paperless Billing Sign Up

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The Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) is pleased to announce that Baltimore City residential water customers have more time to sign up for Paperless Billing and receive a one-time, 5% discount off a monthly water bill. Residents who enroll in paperless billing by Friday, June 30, will receive the 5% discount.

 "We are excited to extend the enrollment period for the Paperless Billing 5% Discount Program," said DPW Director Jason. W. Mitchell, Ed.D. "This extension offers Baltimore City residents an additional opportunity to take advantage of the program's benefits, both in terms of cost savings and making a positive impact on the environment. We encourage residents to enroll and join us in our efforts to create a greener and more sustainable Baltimore."

The one-time, 5% water bill discount will be capped at $150 and applied to eligible water bills within two billing cycles. Residential customers already enrolled in the Paperless Billing Program will automatically qualify and receive the one-time discount. The discounts will be applied to residential customer bills starting in mid-July.  

To date, nearly 11,000 customers have signed up for paperless billing. After customers sign up for Paperless Billing, they will no longer receive a water bill in the mail.

The Paperless Billing 5% Discount Program was launched on April 17, 2023, as part of DPW's commitment to promoting sustainability and reducing waste. By transitioning to paperless billing, residents can help reduce the environmental impact of printing and mailing paper bills while enjoying the added convenience of receiving and managing their bills electronically.


Take advantage of this opportunity to make a positive impact on our community and join the growing number of Baltimore City residents opting for paperless billing.

Going paperless is easy as 1, 2, 3: 

  • Log into the DPW Customer Self-Service Portal. If you don’t have an account already, create one at https://waterbillportal.baltimorecity.gov/#Register. (The activation code can be found on the back of the monthly water bill.)
  • Select the option to sign up for paperless billing on the account summary page.
  • Verify your email address and then click the ok button.

For more information about the Paperless Billing 5% Discount Program, please visit the DPW website at Paperless Water Billing | Baltimore City Department of Public Works or contact the DPW customer service center at 410-396-5358.

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