CAP Centers Now Accepting BH20 Water Affordability Program Applications

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City residents can now apply in person at one of Baltimore’s Community Action Partnership (CAP) centers for the new Baltimore H2O Assists and BH2O Plus water affordability programs offered by the Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW). Operated by the Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success (MOFCS), the CAP centers will serve as the application intake center for DPW’s new water affordability programs and link applicants with other support programs offered by the City of Baltimore.

“DPW’s BH2O water affordability programs will reach more Baltimore City residents in need of assistance because of our collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success,” said DPW Director Rudolph S. Chow, P.E. “This new partnership with the Office of Children and Family Success offers a one-stop-shop for residents to sign up for various programs easily and efficiently.”

The BH2O Assists water affordability program drives down a “typical” bill for a family of three from about $98 per month to about $61 per month. To qualify for BH2O Assists, households must have income at or below 175 percent of the federal poverty level. A 1-3 person household must have income at or below $37,328.

An additional program called BH2O Plus will cut the water bill by another $21 per month for households at or below 50 percent of the federal poverty level. To qualify for BH2O Plus, a 1-3 person household must have income at or below $10, 665.

After applications are processed, residents who qualify will generally see the BH2O discounts appear on their water bills in 2 to 3 months.

CAP Center Locations

There are five CAP Centers throughout the City of Baltimore, operating Monday- Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Residents can apply for the BH2O Assists and BH2O Plus programs at one of the CAP Centers listed below.

Northern Community Action Partnership Center

5225 York Road
Baltimore, Md. 21212

Southeast Community Action Partnership Center

3411 Bank Street
Baltimore, Md. 21213

Northwest Community Action Partnership Center

3939 Reisterstown Road
Baltimore, Md. 21215

Eastern Community Action Partnership Center

1731 E. Chase Street
Baltimore, Md. 21213

Southern Community Action Partnership Center

606 Cherry Hill Road
Baltimore, Md. 21225



Mail-in Application Option

Residents can mail in a BH2O application and supporting documents. Download the application and mail-in a completed application: BH2O Application Processing, P.O Box 22586, Baltimore, MD 21203. (REVISED Oct. 23, 2019 to correct zip code.)

The following documentation is needed to process in-person and mail-in BH2O applications:

  1. Copy of Water Bill with Applicant Name
  2. Photo ID
  3. Proof of Household Income (examples below)
  • Current Pay Stubs
  • W2s, 1099, and/or Current Tax Return(s)
  • SSI Benefit Letters, Pension Statements, etc.
  • Unemployment Determination Letter

Additional information about the BH2O water affordability programs is available on the DPW website.  In addition to the BH2O programs, DPW continues to offer grants and payment plans to customers who need help catching up on their bills. Customers can apply in-person for grants and payment plans at the DPW Walk-in Center at 200 N. Holliday St., Room 8, Baltimore, Md. 212202, or by calling (410) 396-5398.



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