DPW Reports Sanitary Overflows

Press Release

Heavy rains and flooding in the region beginning Friday, July 28, contributed to several sanitary sewer overflows in Baltimore. Overflows of about 7.6 million gallons occurred on July 28 and July 29 at the following locations:

  • 1901 Falls Road (2.2 million gallons)

  • 428 E. Preston Street (4.3 million gallons)

  • North Charles and West Lanvale Streets (496,000 gallons)

  • 1800 block of E. Eager Street (589,000 gallons)

The first three of these overflows were in structured overflow locations, where rain-swollen sewers are designed to empty directly into the Jones Falls. The Eager Street overflow, which was limited to about two hours on Saturday afternoon, came through a manhole and washed into storm drains.

The City’s remaining structured overflows are being eliminated, and sewers are being repaired and replaced to avoid infiltration of stormwater, as the capacity of Baltimore’s sewer collection and treatment systems are upgraded under the City’s sewer system consent decree.

The Baltimore City Health Department and the Maryland Department of the Environment were notified of this overflow.

The public is reminded to avoid contact with urban waterways due to the risk of pollution. For information about health concerns as a result of sewer overflows please go to http://health.baltimorecity.gov/sanitary-sewer-overflows-sso.

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