Medical Exemption Program

The Baltimore City Department of Public Works offers an exemption program for residents with a documented medical condition or are the primary caregiver of another property resident whose health or medical equipment would be irreparably harmed by water turn-off as determined by a licensed medical professional.

Who Can Apply?

Homeowners and tenants can apply each year if they meet the following criteria:

  • Reside at the service address, provide proof of residency, and receive a water/sewer bill directly from the City.
  • Are able to provide a written certification, from a licensed medical professional, on official letterhead, stating that uninterrupted water service is necessary for a documented resident of the service address based on a medical condition. 

How Do I Apply?

  • An owner or tenant may file an application for a Medical Exemption on behalf of another individual residing at the service address, provided that proof of residency for the individual with the medical condition is submitted.
  • The Medical Certification to Prevent Water Turn-Off application must be completely filled out.

The Medical Certification to Prevent Water Turn-Off application may be downloaded or mailed to you by calling 410-396-5398.  Once completed, the application may be emailed or submitted in person at 200 Holliday St. First Floor, Room 8, Baltimore, MD 21202.