Residential Recycling Carts



The Baltimore City Department of Public Works Residential Recycling Cart Program is a collaborative initiative that will provide a recycling cart at no cost to Baltimore City residents.

Recycling containers, particularly those that are lidded, encourage residents to participate in recycling. City-wide recycling initiatives improve the environment by keeping waste out of local waterways, providing for cleaner, healthier neighborhoods. The distribution of free recycling carts will implement a key recommendation in the City’s Less Waste, Better Baltimore Plan.

The recycling carts are the property of the City of Baltimore. The recycling carts are assigned to specific residential addresses and are not transferable to another location or address.


Program Goals

Provide recycling cart to Baltimore City residents.

Divert waste materials from the landfill and the waste incinerator.

Boost recycling rates and report out the impact on the City's waste stream.

Reduce pollutants to the City’s stormwater facilities.

Key Highlights

  • Residential Recycling Carts will be distributed to city residents starting at the end of September and continue for about 4 months.

  • New recycling carts will be 65-gallons (the same as the standard City trash can). Call 311 for a smaller cart or to opt-out completely.

  • Postcards will be mailed to eligible households 30 – 45 days in advance of the recycling cart arriving to inform residents of upcoming arrival.


When will I get my cart?

Our Cart Distribution Plan is data-driven and built considering the Urban Institute’s six-dimensional framework for defining and measuring equity. To learn more about the methodology behind the distribution schedule, visit our Recycling Cart StoryMap.

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Collaborative Effort

This initiative is made possible through a collaboration of nonprofit and public sector organizations. Grants, a 0% interest loan, and a fiscal sponsorship have provided residents with a more accessible way to participate in waste diversion and contribute to the cleaner and greener initiatives of the City and the Department of Public Works.

  • Department of Public Works – Program and implementation lead.
  • Baltimore Civic Fund – Partner and Fiscal Sponsor. Learn more
  • The Recycling Partnership – A national nonprofit that provides grants to localities to improve recycling services and recycling rates. Learn more
  • Closed Loop Fund – An investment firm focused on venture capital and project finance investing in advanced recycling technologies. Learn more
  • Rehrig Pacific – Plastic residential cart manufacturer working with the Recycling Partnership to manufacture and distribute carts. Learn more