Water Quality

Baltimore City has two water quality laboratories, one is located at the Montebello Filtration Plant and the other lab is at the Ashburton Filtration Plant. Both water quality laboratories are Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) certified and combined perform approximately 150,000 water quality analyses per year to ensure the quality of the drinking water. Most compliance analyses required by State and Federal regulations are completed on site.

Water Quality Report 

Each year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires water systems to issue Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR), also known as the Water Quality Report, by July 1 detailing water quality for the previous year. Water Quality Reports are mailed in the monthly water bills to DPW water customers and available online. Upon request, paper copies of the Water Quality Reports can be obtained by calling 410-545-6541. 

2015 Water Quality Report 2015 Water Quality Report      

Water Analyses

These analyses provide information on the general chemical composition of the water and its mineral or metal content.