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Recycling FAQ


Have questions about Baltimore City Recycling services and tools? Browse through our frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question below, please call the Baltimore City Recycling Office at (410) 396-4511.
  • What Is Recycling?
  • When Are My Recycle Pick-up Days?
  • What Recyclable Materials are Accepted at Curbside Pick-up?
  • Why Are Plastic Bags No Longer Acceptable for Recyclables?
  • Are City Issued Recycle Bins Mandatory for Recycling?
  • What is the Process for Curbside Recycling?
  • Can I Recycle Styrofoam?
  • Where Can I Buy Recycling Bins?
  • How can I do a Recycling Facility Tour?
  • What Are Rigid Plastics and What Do I do With Them?
  • What Are Unacceptable Recycling Materials?
  • What Can I do With Old Clothes?
  • What Happens to My Household Hazardous Waste After I’ve Dropped it Off at the Containment Facility?
  • Can I Recycle Electronics?
  • What Do I Do With Scrap Metal?
  • Can I Recycle Used Smoke Detectors?
  • How Do I Dispose of Fire Extinguishers?
  • Can I Recycle Light Bulbs?
  • What do I do with Latex/Water Base Paint?
  • What do I do with Enamel/Oil-based Paint/Stain?
  • What do I do with Batteries?
  • What do I do with Used Motor Oil?

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