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Stormwater Rules Available for Public Comment 

Posted: July 15, 2013

BALTIMORE, MD (July 12, 2013) – The Baltimore City Department of Public Works today released a draft of the Rules and Regulations governing the City’s implementation of the Maryland Stormwater Remediation Program. The draft is available at the City’s CleanWaterBaltimore.org website, under the Stormwater tab.

The public has until Monday, Aug. 12, to review and comment on the plan. After considering the draft and the public input, DPW Director Alfred H. Foxx is expected to finalize the Rules and Regulations by early September.

The document establishes the framework for all billing policies, including approvals for credits and caps on the stormwater fees. The rules cover all property types subject to the fee, from single family properties to large industrial facilities.

Highlights of the draft include explanations of a variety of credits and caps on fees that are available to owners of different types of properties, including a hardship exemption. The draft has been posted in both marked-up and clean versions, to show the changes made since April 1. A chart outlining key differences between the April and July versions of the Rules and Regulations is also posted.

Citizens wishing to comment on the Rules and Regulations may do so by emailing [email protected], with the subject line Stormwater Comments.

Baltimore adopted its stormwater program in late June, responding to a Maryland law that mandated Maryland’s nine largest counties and the City to establish fees aimed at fighting pollution from stormwater runoff caused by surfaces – such as roofs, walkways and driveways – that are impervious to water. Baltimore’s stormwater program established three tiers of payments for single-family properties, depending on the size of the property’s impervious surface. All other properties will be billed by the area of their impervious surface.

Further information about Baltimore’s implementation of the Stormwater Remediation Program is also available at CleanWaterBaltimore.org, under “Stormwater Remediation Fee Information.

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