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Being Responsible

Working together is the key to a successful city.

The following information outlines the responsibilities of the Department of Public Works and your responsibilities.

Department of Public Works:

  • Collects your residential trash and recycling (both paper and plastic). Click here for detailed recycling information.
  • Collects your bulk trash when you schedule an appointment through 311.
  • Enforces the sanitation laws of the City.
  • Collects and recycles bagged leaves on your second trash collection day.
  • Removes fire debris from the public right of way.
  • Provides tools for community cleanups.
  • Removes graffiti.
  • Removes and stores eviction items.
  • Takes care of water pipes and sewer lines up to and including the water meter.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Keep your property clear of trash and well-maintained.
  • Clean your sidewalk and alley and along your curbs.
  • Trim the trees and shrubs on your property and cut your grass.
  • Weed and care for trees in the sidewalk; clean trash from the tree boxes.
  • Report illegal dumping, abandoned vehicles and other criminal activities.
  • Participate in neighborhood cleanups.
  • Use durable trash cans with tight-fitting lids.
  • Do not put your water lines from the meter to your house as well as sewer lines on your property.
  • Do not use your sink or toilet to dispose of grease, rags, paper towels or other foreign objects. These will clog your drain.
  • Maintain our drain and the City's sewer lines.
  • Do not open fire hydrants. It is illegal, dangerous and can hinder firefighting. Report open hydrants by calling 311.
  • Do not hesitate to call 311 if you need assistance or have a question.

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